Designed for stem cells, systemic health, and therapeutics.

Our goal is to get the same benefits of serum from vegan sources.

Serum is a blood product, and many of its components are short lived peptides from animal sources. The commitment of our team is to continue and improve vegan alternatives to serum that are more hyegenic, safe, and sustainable.

Our skin penetrating serum contains a blend of botanical and microbial derived proteins, nutrients, and vitamins. The formula is backed by years of research in adult ectodermal mesenchymal stem cells and their differentiation to collagen producing cells. These are the same type of cells that are responsible for the maintenance, healing, renewal, and rejuvination of the skin.


We will continue to develop vegan replacements for serum components and benefit your results. We are at the beginning of a journey to completely replace serum with 100% vegan and sustainable sources.

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