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  • 100% Solvent-free
    100% Mammal-Friendly
  • Founded by former
    N.I.H. fellow & PhD
  • Skin care + aromatherapy
    that's unisex & unispecies

Dermatologic breakthrough.

Hydrated aromatic skin care nutraceutical

Scientifically formulated multipurpose skin-nutrients blend, scented with natural essential oils, and made entirely from animal-free, sustainable, and clinical strength ingredients. Patent-pending 100% solvent-free method keeps oil-soluble nutrients in oil, and water-soluble nutrients in water, and mixes fully after gentle shaking. Nutrients are more bioactive with us and your exposure to carcinogens drops to almost zero. Woof.

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It looks different, because it is.

Our products allow nature to behave naturally.

Nutriate and hydrate your superficial and deep skin with our stem cell formulation to support healthy collagen synthesis for serum-like anti-aging effects. Our formula keeps nutrients in an enhanced bioactive state, and does not contain cancerous solvents. Avoid cancer with our products.

The meaning behind our name

Stem cell optimized nutrients blend

Ectodermal stem cells are responsible for skin matrix synthesis, damage repair, and cellular turnover. The unique nutritional requirements of these cells is critical for their function. Our nutrients blend is designed to support the stem cells of the skin.

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Smells so good, even dogs like it.

Solvent-free means no irritation to the skin and respiratory systems. The skin of dogs and land mammals share near identical biochemical pathways. Strong enough to get rid of wet dog smell.

Essential oils

Multi-patented. Safest methodology.

Enjoy nature's smells and benefits with a formulation specifically designed for the stem cells of your skin. Live well. Now.

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Just a few gentle shakes mixes the oil and water layers completely. Oil soluble nutrients live in oil, and water soluble nutrients live in water. The layers separate naturally after allowing the bottle to settle.

Patent-Pending safest alternative to solvents View more about the science
  • High Quality

    USDA certified organic natural essential oils + clinical strength nutrients. Clean perfume scent good for all sexes & noses.

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  • Solvent-Free

    100% solvent-free aromatic nutrients serum with multi-patent safest alternative manufacturing. Zero irritation smell!

    The science
  • Aromaceutical

    Scientifically formulated skin nutrients blend that preserves the bioactive properties of nutrients and aromatic essential oils.

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